Our Team

Raul F. Hernandez Frederick

Raul F. Hernandez Frederick is an EMMY award winning Technical Director with over seven years of experience of working in the media production industry. Skilled in Management, Show Logistics, Technical Direction, Audio mixing and recording, Sound Reinforcement, Lighting Design, Set Design and Music Composition.

Juliana A. Angelogianopulos

Juliana A. Angelogianopulos is an Award winning marketing and advertising expert who combines over ten years of experience in the industry with passion for successfully developing and executing outstanding marketing campaigns and communication material for clients and agencies. Enthusiastic to provide a creative innovative viewpoint to a growing organization. Engaged with the clients from the start through the completion of the project, driving measurable results.

Sandra E. Frederick

Sandra E. Frederick is a financial and project management expert who combines over fourteen years of experience in project management and supervision. Experienced in a diverse number of industries, her analytical and attention to detail work ethic makes Sandra an imperative asset to our organization.