Welcome to Integrate Productions, Inc. we are a team of passionate artistic show and event production experts whose focus is to bring all your ideas into one design. Lead by our EMMY Award Winner CEO Raul F. Hernandez Frederick, we strategize, plan and execute all aspects of production so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


We Integrate all aspects of production into one design. Taking your vision and bringing it to life, we integrate all your ideas into one experience!

Integrate Productions, Inc. was founded on the idea that production design is a collection of disciplines that are all equally important in the process of creating impressive and inspiring shows. From the graphic elements to how those translated into the lighting and set design to the audio and sound elements that make a regular show into an experience,  our team looks at everything with a magnifying glass, detailing lighting and set design, moving elements, visual transitions in order to integrate all your ideas into this immersive experience for your audience, giving it life and turning it into a world class experience.